Wow, I'm really good at this whole blogging thing.  Not really.  I'm trying, but I've just been really busy.  You know, with school and...facebook, and stuff.  No seriously though, I have been busy.  This weekend, Ben and his family came to visit me for Easter, which was really nice.  It was great to see him. 

We made chocolate chip cookies and now I have about five thousand of them sitting in my room, and my room now smells like chocolate chips.  Which is cool, but I am never going to eat that many cookies.  But I guess there are much worse problems I could have.  My mom sent my Easter basket here with them.  It's full of all kinds of good stuff - jelly beans, chocolate eggs, oreos...yum.  I think I'm all set for the rest of the school year!

After we made all of those cookies, we went bowling with his parents.  I remembered why I never go bowling.  I ended up bowling around a 65.  It was pretty much a disaster.  Needless to say, I did not win. 

Well, I realize how incredibly boring this is, but that's about all that has happened in the week since I last posted, and I don't really have anything else to write about.  :-/    Only that I'm ready for this school year to be over so I can go home and enjoy the summer.

That's all for now.  

some random nonsense

It's been a while. Last time, I promised to include a few things in this post, so here they are:

- I never did fall asleep that night.  I just stayed up until my class.  And I felt incredibly sick all day.
- I did finish my paper and go to class.  However, I'm not entirely sure how coherent the paper ended up being.  I guess we'll see.
- I got an A on that music theory test.  I guess I did a really good job of making stuff up.

I think that's all I promised to include.  Sorry if I forgot something.  Today has been a very uneventful day.  For most of the day, I was really annoyed.  About a lot of things.  One of the biggest things I was annoyed about was that two of my friends went to a party and got drunk last night.  That's not the part I had a problem with.  The part I had a problem with was the fact that at breakfast this morning, all they would talk about the entire time was how drunk they got last night and how they don't remember anything that happened.  Apparently they think this is really cool.  So cool that they had to keep saying it over and over again "I can't remember anything, oh my god, we were so drunk!"  Yeah.  Really cool, guys.  

I also had to work today, which is never very much fun.  I used to love my job, but not so much anymore.  See, I am a tele-counselor for my college which means I call prospective students to see if they are still interested and to answer any questions they might have.  The problem is that it's April and we're calling high school seniors.  They all know where they want to go already, and none of them want to go here.  This makes what I am doing feel incredibly pointless, and it makes work extremely boring.  

The day did improve slightly.  I have been craving a cheeseburger since Friday.  So badly.  I can't even describe how much I wanted that cheeseburger.  Anyway, today my friends decided to grill burgers!  And so my wish was granted!  It was really a beautiful moment.  Now, my stomach feels like it's going to explode but hey, at least I got my cheeseburger.  Actually, two cheeseburgers.  And a hot dog...

But for the most part, I've just been sitting around in my PJs all day watching 7th Heaven on the internet.  I actually finished it.  I watched the last episode of season 11 today.  Which means that now I need to find another source of entertainment.  Either a different TV show to watch, or a different hobby besides watching old TV shows.  Theoretically, I could spend all the time I normally waste watching 7th Heaven doing something productive like homework or laundry, but that just doesn't sound like very much fun.  So I'd rather find a new TV show to watch.

This week is going to be really long, but for a good reason - Ben and his family are coming to visit me next weekend, for Easter!  This is very exciting because Ben has never been here before.  He tried to surprise visit me once, but ended up getting in a really bad car accident on the way here.  Part of me is really, really scared that something like that will happen again; ever since then, I have been really paranoid about long road trips, but for the most part, I'm just really excited and I can't wait to see him. 

I think that is about all I have to say for now.  More later!

I should be sleeping...

Okay, so it is currently 4:00 in the morning.  Of course I can't sleep.  So I thought, what better time than now to update my blog?  For tonight/this morning I will make a list of the most memorable/ridiculous things I have done so far this year, my freshman year of college.  Here it is, in no particular order!

1. Carried a futon down two flights of stairs to a guy's room and then slept in there on it.
2. Had a huge co-ed sleepover and slept in a twin bed with two other people.  More than once.
3. Held a formal funeral for a fish, complete with music. A condom was used to aid in the flushing of the fish.
4. Participated in a haunted hall.  Later walked through the haunted hall, which I helped write the script for, and got completely freaked out.
5. Went "caroling" around campus with my floor singing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" at midnight.
6. Had a 12 hour movie marathon. More than once.
7. Drove to McDonald's with the windows completely frosted over so we couldn't see anything.
8. Drove to McDonald's at 10:59 p.m. (it closes at 11).
9. Crammed 10 people into a car that seats five.
10. Went to the zoo and petted a shark. (Okay, so this wasn't AT college. But it was still awesome.)
11. Went to a zombie prom.
12. Took 3 hours to drive to a town 45 minutes away for a choir weekend.  We took a wrong turn.  Sang show tunes the whole way.
13. Used sticky tack to stick the entire contents of a friend's desk to his dorm ceiling.
14. Walked through a graveyard with a bunch of girls in the middle of the night. And took pictures.
15. Had a "macaroni and cheese" party.
16. Chased a gopher around campus at 1:30 in the morning.

As you can see, college clearly has nothing to do with class.  :-)  I'm sure there are many more things that I could add to the list, but it's 4 in the morning, so that's about the best I could do.  I can always add to it later, and I'm sure more will happen anyway.

On a completely unrelated and more somber note, I took a music theory test today and I think I failed.  I forgot how to construct a dominant seventh chord.  (In case you're wondering, it's a major triad with an added minor seventh, which is the easiest thing ever.  But nonetheless, I forgot.)  I made something up though, and I'm hoping that I made it up well enough to have maybe done okay.  All will be revealed when I get the test back on Friday, I suppose.

...this is a really bad situation.  I have to be awake in roughly 4 hours because I have class at 10:00, and before class I have to do the following things, preferably in this order: take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, finish writing a paper (oops), print off said paper, walk to class.  Yeah.  Why am I not writing said paper right now?  Because my mind is a jumbled mess at the moment, and if I tried to write my paper, it wouldn't be pretty.  See, it's a philosophy paper.  And me + philosophical thoughts = headache.  Me + philosophical thoughts + 4 AM = headache + epic fail of major proportions.  However, it has occurred to me that if I don't get any sleep before I actually DO have to finish writing the paper...it will end up being an epic fail anyway.  So, I should probably go try to get some sleep.  Or at least pretend to do so.

Tune in next time to find out:
- What time I finally fell asleep.
- Whether I finished my paper and/or, for that matter, dragged myself to class.
- The results of my (hopefully not) failed music theory test.
- And oh so much more....


Midnight Migraines

Let me just start off by saying that migraines are the absolute worst.  I was up all night with one last night, and it was not pleasant.  See, when I have migraines, I tend to get slightly delusional.  Last night, this led to the following experience:

For some reason, I was 100% convinced that I was Ruthie Camden from 7th Heaven, probably because I was watching it yesterday.  (This is a hilarious show.  I highly recommend it.)  Well, in the particular episode I was watching yesterday, Ruthie was in Scotland, and her parents came to pick her up because her dad, the Reverend Camden, was having heart problems and had been told by the doctors that he only had a year or so left to live, and he wanted her to come home and spend time with the family. 

Well, in my delusional state, I was a. convinced that I was Ruthie Camden, b. pretty sure I was in Scotland, and c. certain that I myself only had a year left to live.  This was a pretty scary situation for me.  I think that I thought my migraine was so severe that it was a brain tumor or something.  Anyway, as time went on, the situation became progressively worse.  Eventually, I thought I was running from a masked gunman.  Yes, in my bed.

Like I said, I tend to get delusional when I have migraines.  Fortunately, around 8:00 I somehow fell asleep.  Unfortunately, my alarm clock woke me up at 9:00 informing me that it was time to get up and go to philosophy class.  The good news is that I just got back from my philosophy class, where I found out I got an A on my last paper.  The bad news is that I'm still shaky and slightly out of it from being up all night with a migraine...and also a little confused about what went on in my brain all night. 

I'd like to be taking a nap right now - that's what I usually do on Tuesdays and Thursdays after philosophy and before psychology.  But for some reason I'm not actually tired.  So now I'm not really sure what to do.  I have a free hour and a half that I usually spend sleeping!  I think I'll go watch some more 7th Heaven... ;-)

Once upon a time...

And so it begins!  I've never had a blog before, so this could be interesting.  I think I shall start with some things about myself. 

Facts About Me:
- I am in my first year of college.  At the moment, I am majoring in psychology and liberal arts for the human services, with a minor in music.  I'm planning on eventually becoming a professional counselor. 
- My favorite color is pink.
-  I love to sing!  I've been in choir for years, and I couldn't imagine my life without it.
- I also love musical theatre.  I've performed in a lot of shows, and the feeling you get from performing for others is just...magical.  I can't even describe it.  
- I am a cat person.  I have two cats named Howie and Ophelia.  I love all animals though - cats are just my favorite.
- I am a huge Shakespeare fan.  This is why I have a cat named Ophelia.  I also had a fish named Hamlet, but unfortunately he passed away.  :-(
- I'm not a morning person.  I would sleep until noon every single day if I could.  I also tend to take naps on days when I can't sleep until noon.  Let's face it, I like my sleep!
- Despite that last fact, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  I like to eat breakfast foods for supper quite frequently.
- I have a twin brother named Mat.  As if that's not enough, I have a little brother and sister who are twins as well, Becca and Josh.  
- I am more of a listener than a talker.  I like to listen to people and help them with their problems.  This is one of the reasons I want to be a counselor.
- I love my friends, and I would do anything for them.  
- I cannot stay angry at people.  I've tried, but it just doesn't work.  I am a very forgiving person, and it takes a lot to make me significantly angry in the first place.
- I don't like to drive.  I got in a car accident last summer, and ever since then cars just freak me out.
- I have a boyfriend named Ben, and he is wonderful. :-)
- I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason.

Those are probably enough facts about me for now.  Here is something I have learned this year in college: something unexpected or unusual happens every single day.  Isn't that cool?  One of my textbooks told me that, and at first I didn't believe it.  I mean, sure, unexpected things happen.  But every day?  I thought, no way.  But when I started paying attention, sure enough, it's for real!  Sometimes it's just something small, like running into someone you didn't expect to see, or getting a letter in the mail that you weren't expecting, and some days it's bigger.  Today, I was unexpectedly introduced to the world of blogging.  I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!